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Are you considering selling your Muskoka cottage?

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So you are considering selling your cottage. Here at The Hunt Team, we understand that this can be an emotional decision to make, and we’re here to help. If you have decided that it’s the right time to move on and have chosen to sell, there are a few things you must consider. First you should meet with a Muskoka real estate agent and discuss listing your property. A local REALTOR can help provide a wealth of knowledge regarding market trends, appropriate pricing strategy, presentation, and marketing to help your cottage gain the exposure necessary to ensure a successful sale. With a thorough understanding and years of experience working in the local cottage market, the value that a Muskoka realtor can bring to the table when selling your cottage is not something to be overlooked. If you are interested in selling your cottage, and would like some advice, or you would like to arrange a meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact us by Clicking Here. Once you have met with your real estate agent, developed a sales strategy, and determined an appropriate asking price, it’s time for the real work to begin.

Maybe you bought your cottage a decade ago, or maybe it’s been in your family for generations. Either way, chances are that it has come to feel like a home to you. While this is exactly what one wants from their cottage, it can make it easier to ignore things when preparing to sell it. For instance, you may have become used to the little areas of your cottage that require some attention—that piece of wood missing from the deck, the stain on the living room carpet, the weeds threatening to take over your garden, or that cracked bathroom tile. While for you, these imperfections may add a rustic feel to the place—they add character!—it is doubtful that a potential buyer will share your feelings. When preparing your cottage for sale, it is important to look at things as objectively as possible. Imagine you are surveying the area for the first time, as if you are considering the purchase yourself. What do you notice? If your eyes are drawn to little problems, like those mentioned above, they should be the first things repaired. It does not need to take a long time, or cost a lot of money, but a few minor repairs can go a long way in getting your cottage the attention it deserves, and fetching the highest price possible. Consider repainting anywhere the paint has begun to chip or fade; fixing leaky faucets; repairing loose of broken tiles, patching any holes in walls, repairing doors and drawers that don’t close properly, and so on. The same goes for the property outside the cottage. Re-stain wooden decks, clear pathways, pull the weeds from your garden, replace loose flagstones, mow the lawn, and trim the trees to clear the view of the water. When preparing to sell, you want to put your best cottage forward, and every little thing helps.

This brings us to a final point: things. We all have them, a lot of them end up at the cottage, and a great deal of them are often sold with the cottage. A few personal items, tastefully displayed, can lend a warm lived-in feel to a cottage. Too many, and the place begins to look like a storage locker that’s been lived-out-of. So it’s time for some triage. If it adds to the appearance and feel of the cottage, like a rustic wooden rocking chair and an antique map of Muskoka, present it along with the cottage. If it takes away from the feel of the cottage, like an antique television set circa 1980 and replete with bunny ear antennae, get rid of it. The same goes for outdoors. Clean the area around the cottage and waterfront, and discard any unsightly items you may not have gotten around to clearing out beforehand. Buyers want to see a cottage in its natural setting; not a messy lot in need of overhaul. You should determine which items you would like to keep and pack them away before showings. This will help de-clutter the cottage and keep your prized possessions away from the prying eyes of potential buyers. You should also consider which items you intend to sell with the cottage and display them as tastefully as possible. Finally, collect what is left over and get rid of it. Whether you hold a yard sale or give it away; it is important to ensure that nothing is left in your cottage that takes away from its perceived potential for buyers. Again, try to see things as they would, arrange things accordingly, and put your best cottage forward!

The Evolution of Muskoka

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From humble beginnings, Muskoka has evolved into a diverse and thriving vacation destination, small business centre, and early retirement community in the heart of Ontario’s cottage country. As beautiful as ever, Muskoka has become a welcome escape for naturalists, adventurers, sportsmen, golfers, boaters, and any outdoor enthusiast looking to get away from the pressures of city life. Muskoka’s well established recreation and tourism industry continues to expand, and plans are underway to develop the area into the Golf Capital of Ontario.

In addition to the numerous events available during Muskoka’s summer vacation and cottage season, Muskoka Tourism and the local Chamber of Commerce, are expanding horizons and evolving Muskoka into an area of year-round recreation, with activities including cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and dog sledding; all in one of the most naturally beautiful settings in the world.  On top of that, Muskoka offers an endless array of music and arts festivals throughout the area all year long; and just a short 20-minute drive south of Muskoka is the renowned Casino Rama that features first class gaming, as well as spectacular concerts featuring world famous musicians. If instead you would prefer to slow things down and connect with the natural world free from distractions, Algonquin Provincial Park lies just north of Muskoka, in all its unspoiled, rugged beauty.

Muskoka has a long history of tourism, stretching back to the days of steam-powered navigation. With an influx of tourists travelling to Muskoka on steamships operated by the Muskoka Navigation Company; such as the Segwun, the Wenonah, and the Sagamo; local residents recognized the business potential in providing tourist accomodations. Around this time lavish hotels and resorts, such as the Royal Muskoka, Elgin House, and Bigwin Inn were being established in the area. One such resort, Windermere House, established in 1870 and rebuilt in 1997 after a devastating fire, is still in operation today; and is one of the most popular vacation resorts and wedding destinations in Ontario.

Many historic figures spent their summers in Muskoka, including Orville Wright, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, Canadian Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden, and Lord and Lady Eaton who built a majestic estate which has since been converted into an exclusive private school, now known as Rosseau College. In fact, Lady Eaton’s historic steamship, The Wanda III, built in 1915, has been restored and used for private cruises of the Muskoka lakes. In addition, the RMS Segwun, built in 1887 as a mail and passenger ship, has also been lovingly restored and allows passengers to witness the majesty of Muskoka from the water, offering a unique and breathtaking experience. There is no better place to buy a cottage than in Muskoka.

With so much to do year-round, and so much more being developed, it comes as no surprise that many early retirees are choosing to move to Muskoka and unburden themselves of the demands of city living, or that many seasonal property owners are choosing to winterize their cottages in order to take advantage of the unique events and stunning beauty of Muskoka all year long. For, as Muskoka’s permanent residents already know, life in Muskoka does not exist only during the peak summer season, but through all seasons: all breathtaking, all unique, and all begging to be experienced to the fullest.